MAC Policies and Procedures

Governance Issues

  • Governance Management GOV-100
  • Board Communications GOV-101
  • Conflict of Interest Policy GOV-102
  • Ethics Policy GOV-103 
  • Guidelines for Professional Practices BP 120A
    • Section 1: Trustees
    • Section II: Staff
    • Section III: Volunteers
    • Section IV: Collections
    • Section V: Programs
    • Section VI: General Policies

MAC Finance

MAC Human Resources

General Policies

  • Travel Policy HR-100
  • Anti-discrimination HR-101
  • Workplace and Domestic Violence HR-302
  • Affirmative Action Equal Opportunity Policy BP-119
  • Sexual Harassment HR-103
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion HR-105
  • Respectful Work Environment HR-106
  • Whistleblower HR-104


  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Policy HR-200
  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Military Family Leave HR-201
  • Voluntary Employees’ Beneficiary Association (VEBA)—Medical Expense Plan (MEP) for Small Agencies HR-202


  • Light Refreshments and Meals Policy HR-300
  • Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace HR-301


  • Leave and Holidays HR-400
  • Outside Employment HR-401
  • Outside Employment Disclosure and Approval HR-401
  • Layoff Policy for Non-Represented Employees HR 402
  • Layoff Procedure for Washington Management Service Employees HR-403
  • Reasonable Accommodation HR-404
  • Return to Work HR-405
  • Employee Training & Development HR-406
  • Flexible Work Schedule HR-407
  • Personnel File Retention and Confidentiality HR-408
  • Telecommuting HR-409
  • Salary Administration for Washington Management Service (WMS) HR-410
  • Salary Determination Non-Rep HR-411
  • Building Access and Hours HR-412
  • Children in the Workplace HR-413


  • Information Technology Policy and Agreements TEC-100
  • Portable Equipment Policy TEC-102
  • Mobile Device Policy TEC-103


  • Workplace Safety SAF-100
  • Workplace Safety Procedure Reporting of Accident and Criminal Activity SAF-100B
  • Inclement Weather Suspended Operations SAF-101


  • Safety & Security FAC-100
  • Paper Recycling/Shredding Policy FAC-101
  • Mail Opening and Sorting Policy FAC-102


  • Collection Policy COL-100
  • Collections NAGPRA Policy Statement COL-101

MAC Communications

  • Internal Communications, Media Publications/Contacts and Social Media Policy COM-100
  • Public Records Privacy Protection COM-101

Note: These policies are in review by the Board of Trustees. Policy numbers will be updated from BP to GOV, FIN, HR, etc. as review of each policy is completed.

Policies are identified by the museum's legal name, the Eastern Washington State Historical Society dba Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture (MAC).